I'm Anna. I am a Nurse by Profession, and a Businesswoman by Heart. ♥
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Two years, since my mom left the Philippines. She went to United States to have the opportunity of working over seas. We all know how hard to work, separation anxiety from your family & she’s all alone, abroad.

Well, my uncle is there too (her brother), but they live separately. Meaning, they have their own lives now. Struggling the hardship on how difficult is it to be, working away from your family. Naiisip ko palang, ang hirap-hirap na, ang lungkot-lungkot pa!

And that’s why, I SALUTE my mom for being such a fighter! I know she’s crying deep inside, but for me and for my three brothers, she’ll do the best she can in order for us to taste the real flavor of having a bright future!

Mama… I love you! ♥

  1. chayaaan said: Happy Mother’s Day to Your Mom Ate Anna :)
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